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Encrypted Surfing - How do I do it ?

My desire for Encrypted surfing is not driven by any specific reason other than keeping my privacy to myself. In that sense I want my data and surfing encrypted and private from anyone - identity thieves, hackers and governments. There are numerous other reasons why I think ordinary people should protect themselves from this attitude of 'lets spy on everyone in case they are up to no good'

Anyway there are several methods, products and technologies that can help you maintain your anonymity when you are on line. They vary in price, effectiveness and ease of use.

Encrypted Web Surfing

I've recently been trying out a relative newcomer on the scene of Anonymous Web surfing Software called Identity Cloaker - here you can see Identity Cloaker with a selection of Proxy servers.

Encrypted surfing Software Interface

Identity Cloaker is a refreshing update to the usual bunch of IP hiding software programs which frankly aren't worth using apart from a couple of exceptions. It combines SSH tunnelling (where the whole of your data stream is encrypted from everyone) plus a network of privately owned Proxy servers around the world.

Hiding your IP address is merely a small part of anonymous web surfing on the internet - all the many anonymous web proxies do is block your identity from the target web server - everyone else can see it from the owner of the web proxy, your ISP and their logs and anyone eavesdropping in between ! Which is why all these simple IP masking solutions are so pointless on their own.

Identity Cloaker allows encrypted surfing and then also redirects all your web traffic from your selected proxy server. You have control over which proxy server you use so that if you want to watch or listen to something which is restricted to US users then you simply select a US proxy server, alternatively if a US user wants to play roulette online in a European casino then they would select a European proxy.

The target web server will view the persons location dependent on the proxy server they are using. One very useful feature for the ultra paranoid is that you can even get your web session to switch proxies every few minutes!

The other bonus is that there will be no logs or records anywhere of your web transactions because it all is conducted down the SSH tunnel which is encrypted using the cipher AES (currently used by the US military and pretty much unbreakable by todays technology). There will even be no logs on the Identity Cloakers proxy servers either as it is completely encrypted.

Identity Cloaker gives you the most secure encrypted surfing experience available anywhere on the internet currently. It is certainly in a different league to all the other products I have looked at and only TOR could come close for security but very slow to use (although remember Onion Routing has some security risks as well) I'm afraid bandwidth and proxy servers are expensive and you won't get any speed without paying for it - I certainly can't be bothered to surf at the speed of a 28.8 k modem nowadays !!

Identity Cloaker is very reasonably priced and hopefully will tempt some of these people away from these free anonymous proxies that are all over the internet which are extremely insecure and often sit on hacked servers !! If you're serious about keeping your web browsing private then you need encrypted surfing not just some cruse IP address masking software. Try out the trial version and prepare to be can even use it to sidestep geotargeting of IP addresses to watch things like Hulu, BBC Iplayer and even watch ABC outside USA

Updated 14/04/2011

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