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Anonymous Searching - an Anonymous Search Engine at last

I bet most people have no idea how their every move is tracked, logged and stored when they're online. The truth can be very shocking to find out the enormous electronic trail we leave behind you - yes Mr Jones better leave that lingerie web site right away. Everyone seems to log our details at every turn but at last there is now a proper anonymous search engine.

It's good news for us privacy lovers - we can search in a little more privacy without any expense or the huge security risk of free proxies.

The first Anonymous Search Engine ?

So hats off to the Dutch Search Engine - IXquick which has become the first anonymous search engine in the world, and has stopped recording and logging it's users IP addresses ! So what do the search engines retain - well they're both feeling the pressure as well as people get fed up about being spied on.

Google - record and keep your IP address for nine months.
Yahoo - record and keep your IP address for three months.

Why do they need to record your IP address ?
Errm something to do with improving the security and functionality of their services

So we are proud to provide people with a link to a Private Search Engine

The chaps at Ixquick used to record the IP address for 48 hours for technical reasons but now they don't need to this thanks to some developments.

So now they don't record the searchers IP address at all - so at least you can use an anonymous search engine for a little more privacy (alas it's still all in your ISP logs but it's one less place to spy on you)

Well done guys !

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Yes, all true...but also true is that even in advanced mode Ixquick's search results are very poor quality. They also ignore boolean operators, so it is very difficult to refine results without reading far too many useless results. I miss Scroogle very much !!!
Welshgadgets said…
Yep I miss Scroogle as well! Although not been working very well for weeks now. This is worth a look -