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Can I Encrypt my Connections Myself for Free ?

Following on from my last post - Can I surf Anonymously for Free - about whether it's possible to surf anonymously and protect your communications from all the snoopers but without spending any money !

It is as I mentioned perfectly possible with some technical knowledge to protect your anonymity, there are costs to be paid which is usually speed - the simple problems is that fast anonymous proxies cost money. But I want to tell you about a neat little tool that you can use on windows or linux to encrypt your communications.

The problem with most protocols is that they are simply not designed to be secure and most have no concept of encryption or SSL. With Stunnel you can actually encrypt TCP connections within an encrypted SSL tunnel

This means you can use it to encrypt unsecure protocols. Basically Stunnel works but either receiving unencrypted data (say from an SMTP server) and sending it on to an SSL server or receiving encrypted data and sending the decrypted data to a port on another machine.

You can secure all sorts of connections using Stunnel - here's an example of using Stunnel to encrypt HTTP requests which is essentially part of the functionality you'll find in Identity cloaker (although via a different method)

- Using stunnel to make HTTP requests over SSL

Neat huh, lots of possibilities and all open source - why not give it a go :)

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