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Anonymous Surfing Software

Ok it's true I get a little bit paranoid, but spending my life surrounded by hackers, ex hackers, computer geeks and worried CEOs kinda promotes that feeling and why I use anonymous software all the time.

anonymous surfing software

But I want to suggest some positive benefits about using my 'paranoia program' i.e. the anonymous surfing software that I use. Just to clarify it is a program that I download to run either from a USB key or installed on my laptop which allows me the privacy of anonymous web surfing. It's a complete package of encryption, a private network of anonymous proxies to connect to and technical support whenever I need it.

I travel a lot with my work which makes you even more vulnerable - Internet Cafe connections, airport and hotel Wifi access - all are riddled with different security problems and managing your life via the web on your laptop is extremely worrying. Anonymous surfing software just makes me completely secure wherever I surf and keeps my privacy in tact.

Why Use Anonymous Surfing Software?

It's a fair question and one that can be answered in many different ways.
I don't know about everyone else but here's why I use anonymous software, it gives me tremendous benefits which I use everyday, which I will list some here for you.

Protects my Privacy - this is main benefit to me and I have a real problem with knowing that every move I make on the web is logged in access points or at my ISP, but using my privacy software I'm one of the 0..01% who is not monitored by Govts, hackers and agencies!

I can run it on a USB stick - this is very useful when I don't have my laptop with me everywhere I connect all my web browsing is encrypted to the same level as the US orders in Iraq. Nobody can read any of it apart from me

I can be a resident of whatever country I need - when abroad I can view UK TV and BBC Iplayer as a resident by simply selecting a UK proxy. I can also pretend to be from the States when I want to use something like Pandora or watch Hulu online.

I am classified by my IP address but I can choose that IP - I am an internet citizen so can bypass stupid restrictions by governments (can you believe that Turkish ISPs block Wordpress blogs!).

I can speed up my browsing - how many times has a security product made something quicker. I can pick from a network of anonymous proxy servers across the world to actually speed up my browsing whilst encrypting and protecting my identity and data.

I surf securely wherever I am, I am not restricted by countries petty censorships when I visit them and I feel in control of my data when I use anonymous surfing software. In fact I showed a colleague how to access UK casinos legitimately using the software when I was working in the States last month (European casinos block US IP addresses mostly from their games) - life would be a lot less fun without Identity Cloaker

Anonymous software is not just about paranoia, it's about securing your data and personal information. The anonymous proxies hide my IP address and prevent it being logged everywhere and the encrypted tunnel ensures nobody else can read my data and what web sites I am visiting.

There are many anonymous programs out there that you can use, the main issue to avoid is relaying your browsing through any source that you do not trust. Lots of so-called anonymous software simply searches for open proxies on the internet and relays your browsing through these - this is utter madness in my opinion.

Who owns these servers? Why are they paying thousands to allow people to surf through them, explore my blog and find out why. But don't use them, if you do - you are increasing your risk not staying anonymous.

If you want to download a great demonstration of how an anonymous software program should work - try this and download a demo of the most secure anonymous surfing software on the planet -
download anonymous software link

It will show you the interface, the number of private highly secure proxy servers you can access and how fast and efficient it is. But most of all it secures. This is real Anonymous Software not just a play program which gives you the illusion of privacy. Of course it's just an added bonus that you can switch IPs whenever you like to access forums, watch media like Hulu outside the US and of course the wonderful BBC Iplayer - check out some information here Watch UK TV

If you have some technical knowledge you can check it's working, download something to analyse your anonymity whilst you surf. Run a packet sniffer like Wireshark to analyse what all your browsing traffic looks like, you'll see it is encrypted to a standard that will defeat governments not just hackers. Your information is personal and it's important to keep it so, identity cloaker surfers ISP logs are unreadable everyone else's logs are in clear text.

It is the ultimate anonymous surfing software - but it does so much more, why not try the fully functional 10 day trial, to watch BBC Iplayer or Hulu or simply just protect your privacy 10 days Security.

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