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Is it really too much to ask for Privacy as I Surf

surf in privacy 1Some people just aren't cut out for Surveillance

Well what do you think ? Is privacy on the internet long gone. I used to think when in Europe and the rest of the Western world, we could get away without being monitored, spied on when using the internet. To Surf anonymously seems quite a basic human right nowadays but alas it simply doesn't happen.

All over Europe - ISPs are now directed to store all our web surfing logs in case they are needed. So who looks at these- well my guess is pretty much anyone related to the Government - police, army, councils, local government....traffic wardens. Let's be honest why would the European Union insist on keeping all your web surfing details and emails and not actually use them.

Imagine what they could build up from looking up the details of political opponents, protesters, troublemakers or hey just randomly going through peoples web browsing lists!

There is no privacy when you surf at least not in Europe and of course many other places are much worse where bloggers and dissidents are imprisoned for voicing an opinion on line.

If you want privacy - there are methods online that can help you, if you are short on fund but have good technical skills have a look at TOR, look at Stunnel a free application that can create a secure SSL tunnel.

If you can afford a few bucks you can keep your privacy and speed when you surf by using Identity Cloaker and a private proxy network.

There are are ways to keep your surfing private it just needs a little effort or cash ,we shouldn't need to do this but alas we do.

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