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NSA Domestic Spying - Safety Act

Well what a surprise something rather European is happening in the USA on the back of the NSA Domestic Spying program. To utilise and add to all the surveillance that's currently in place, of ordinary US citizens, their phone calls and internet communications will now be logged, ermm officially. So prepare yourself for another ridiculous proposal. Mind you President Bush has admitted monitoring peoples internet communications for years and he didn't bother with legalities so perhaps we should think ourselves lucky it's legal this time.

Yes just legitimise it with legislation - exactly like the European directive. The crazily named - "Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth Act of 2009," - or Internet SAFETY. This intrusive peace of legislation states that every single piece of internet communication must be stored for two years and that it must be linked to an individual and an IP address.

This means everyone ISPs, employers, internet cafes must keep their logs and details of who the IP addresses were assigned to. Every single web site you ever visit, every email you send stored and linked to you ready for the feds to check whenever they like.

The reason...well to protect young people on the internet - a completely laughable excuse for spying on your entire domestic population.

Are we all presumed to be a danger to young people on the internet?
Is everyone a potential paedophile?

Is it right to spy on your entire population and invade their privacy in the name of catching a few criminals and sex offenders. Hopefully this Safety Act will be thrown out and never make it to legislation - Bush never needed legislation for his spying but obviously Mr Obama does. This is purely a badly concealed spying law in a land which is supposedly one of the guardians of free speech.

Internet SAFETY Act 2009

Better get used to being spied on if this comes through :(
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