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Secure Anonymous Web Surfing

Believe me when I say this will become more and more important as time goes by - secure anonymous web surfing will be something we all will aspire to.

Why do I think Anonymous Surfing will become important

Simply because there isn't an organised government in the world who aren't investigating how they can monitor, control, block or organise peoples internet access. Of course it's already happening all across the world - just have a look at this - Access Denied Map

This is a just a small taste and what is happening in the developed western world is even worse. We already have a European Directive which forces ISPs to log all our electronic communication for up to two years.

So that's all our emails and every web site we all visit logged and stored for the past two years and available fairly easily to the authorities. So many of us lead a large part of our lives on line now that this is a huge incursion into our privacy. Europe have been fairly open about these rather draconian measures but you can bet that every country in the world is doing exactly the same things and it is already a huge issue in the USA.

Secure Anonymous Web Surfing sounds over the top but it is really just a way of protecting our privacy. Identity thieves and hackers are all ready spying on us and trying to intercept our data but the freedom of speech elements are what worries me most and what our governments will do with all this data.

There is an even scarier development which is happening but I'll leave that for another post - remember you are being monitored when you use the internet and it's worth considering a secure anonymous web surfing solution like identity cloaker to keep your self protected.

European Directive

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