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Surf through an Encrypted Tunnel with SSH

So what exactly do I mean encrypted surfing through an SSH tunnel. Well it's actually a vital part of protecting your identity online! Never mind anonymous proxies the main problem is that you surf in clear text through HTTP. So every request you make is a series of little requests which all happen in clear text, and every single one of those web requests is associated with your IP address.

The most complete log of your surfing is with your ISP, which pretty much has a complete list of everything you've done online in their logs. So how do you stop your internet connection being visible in this way - well one way is through encrypted surfing through an encrypted SSH tunnel.

SSH(Secure Shell) is a network protocol that can be used to set up a secure channel between two computers. It's not specifically for creating encrypted tunnels in fact it's primarily used for executing commands on remote machines.

To set up a secure encrypted tunnel through SSH , a client is configured to forward a local port to a listening port on a remote machine (the SSH server). Once connected, you can do things like browse the internet down this secure encrypted tunnel. This is the first stage that Identity Cloaker does when you start it up - you simply select a proxy server from the list of world wide servers and a Secure SSH tunnel is set up between you client and the proxy server.

Then all your web browsing is completely encrypted meaning that your ISP, Work, school or anyone cannot see any of your data or browsing. This is one reason that this form of browsing is not popular with employers and the authorities - it protects the users privacy and can bypass company and country firewalls set up to monitor and log web traffic. Surfing through an encrypted ssh tunnel certainly makes me feel more secure though.

Your web requests are sent down the encrypted tunnel and then forwarded via the highly anonymous web proxy that you are connected to, this ensures that your IP address is not logged on the web server you visit either. You are in fact completely invisible as you surf and you will look like an internet surfer from the country of the proxy server - so if you select a Swedish Proxy server everyone will think you're a Swede, or a US server etc by which means you can also bypass country censorship and filtering.

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