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How to Watch BBC Iplayer Proxy - (Working in 2019)

I travel a lot and when away there are two main Internet sites that cheer me up without fail - BBC IPlayer and Pandora. Unfortunately it can be difficult to both watch BBC iPlayer abroad and Pandora outside the US are actually quite tricky because they will only work with a UK or US workstation respectively.

Fortunately because I always surf through a secure proxy on the Identity Cloaker network, this doesn't really matter to me as my location is defined by whichever proxy I am surfing through. So I simply select a UK server for watching it's kind of  a BBC IPlayer proxy.

Identity Cloaker is the most sophisticated security software on the internet, it allows you to surf completely protected via a network of private proxies across the planet. These are fast, secure properly run proxy servers not the free slow ones infested with viruses that people normally try to use !! You might have also seen the dedicated VPN, smart dns  and proxy servers promoted for unblocking bbc iplayer  or other online TV stations - they are very often simply a single server set up quickly.  Why? Simply because when the BBC legal department threaten them (which they usually do), they end up disappearing suddenly.
BBC iplayer proxy

So when I am in Turkey and want to watch  - I simply connect via a UK dns proxy and watch BBC Iplayer, if I want to listen to Pandora outside the US I just select one of the US proxies. It doesn't matter where I am as long as I have a working internet connection, because it's encrypted I can watch from anywhere.  The same goes for a TV channels in lots of other countries as they have Australian, Canadian, German, French, Irish and a host of other proxy servers to watch in addition to the huge number of UK servers.

Anyway I have made this rather bad video to illustrate how I access the BBC Iplayer abroad. I'm afraid I don't do the ease of this any justice with my video though, the best thing about the Identity Cloaker to access these programs is the huge choice of proxies and their speed. If you've ever tried using Iplayer through a free proxy you'll realise how painful it can be.

Using a BBC Iplayer Proxy

I've never used the video software before so apologies for the amateurish video editing. I just wanted to make sure people were able to see how easy it is to use this security software. There are dedicated services for just watching BBC Iplayer that cost well over twice the price of Identity Cloaker, they offer just a single proxy server to do this - Identity cloaker has proxies all over the planet and dedicated software to control and protect your connection, from an icon in your taskbar.

It takes a minute or so to install and then you just point and click.

It is actually a fundamental point of using a proxy abroad, your IP address defines who you are and what you can see. So if you surf via a UK proxy this is how any web server you visit will see you also exactly the same as a UK Internet surfer. Because Identity Cloaker has fast proxies in lots of other countries you can use it to access similar restricted broadcasts in Sweden, Germany, France, Canada, US and many others. If you like music try Pandora for an awesome US only radio station - just select the right countries proxy and you'll be away.

Of course you can use this method by using a free proxy but most are unsuitable for watching videos from BBC Iplayer outside the UK as they are so slow, but PLEASE remove the proxy before you start doing any other surfing remember free proxies are mostly hacked servers and your details are not safe being passed through them !

So can you use BBC Iplayer anywhere?

Pretty much, as long as you pick one the UK proxies, it manages your connection in the background and encrypts you connection. You can even run it from a USB stick if you remember to take your login details with you, watch it through firewalls and when countries try to censor what you watch.

If you travel a lot it also means you can access lots of other sites which have country restrictions stopping you watching the BBC IPlayer abroad. For instance I can access UK poker and casino sites from the States who would normally block an American IP address, Turkey often block Youtube and social networking sites but Identity Cloaker users just bypass this.

Anyway I'm off to Turkey in a few weeks and I'll be keeping up with all the latest BBC programs watching BBC IPlayer outside the uk via Identity Cloaker.

In a few minutes you can be watching your favourite BBC shows through a safe, fast and secure proxy

If you like to watch or listen to any UK TV shows and you spend any amount of time abroad, you'll find it a fantastic investment. The software is simple to work and you just pick a proxy to connect to and off you go, remember free proxies are very slow and many are full of viruses. If you do manage to find a safe, fast free proxy server to watch the BBC Iplayer on, chances are it will be gone in a day or so.

The ability to watch media is not advertised on the web site but drop them a line if you want to check, the support staff are very responsive and will check out problems with any channels. Unblocking BBC iplayer is straight forward as are most of the UK TV stations online. Be very careful of companies who do advertise this TV facility openly through things like a smart dns proxy facility, they frequently disappear overnight, after legal threats from the media companies themselves i.e.  BBC, Hulu and ITV etc.

Why not treat yourself here:

 10 days of the BBC Iplayer

With the Identity Cloaker trial to check it works - for the price of a coffee and sandwich you'll be impressed I'm sure!

With Thanks

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Anonymous said…

Do you know if this works ok with ITV stuff ?
Welshgadgets said…
Yes it certainly does just tested it to watch an FA Cup match, although it would only work with IE and Firefox for some reason.

It allows access to any UK TV feed from anywhere in the world as long as you select one of the UK proxies.

There are currently 9 available proxies in the UK so the speed is very fast.

Hope that helps.
Anonymous said…
Welshgadgets said…
Sorry William its one account per user.

If you want to try it first - check out the trial, you'll see how well it works.

A network of proxies all over the world, plenty in UK to stream BBC Iplayer and all the other UK channels.

Excellent support and they don't do the sneaky recurring subscription that many companies do (automatically renewing your subscription when it runs out!!)

You may see the debate on whether it's best to stream Iplayer via a proxy or via a VPN connection - Identity Cloaker offers both options included in the price.

Good luck
markbyrn said…
You're a star! Thanks for the info.
Welshgadgets said…
You're very welcome :)
Welshgadgets said…
By the way if anyone wants to watch ITV abroad. There seems to have been an update to the silverlight player used on .

At the moment you'll have to switch to using the OpenVPN client to watch ITV through Identity Cloakers proxy servers.
Welshgadgets said…
Update - here's a post so you can watch ITV as well - ITV Abroad you need to use the OpenVPN connection to connect via the proxy server for this, just as simple as watching the BBC abroad though.

I now watch more TV when I'm travelling than at home - currently use Identity Cloaker for watching HULU, ABC, BBC IPlayer and ITV when I'm abroad or in the wrong country.
info said…
Don't see any mention of accessing Iplayer and other stuff on the Web site ?

Is support ok
Welshgadgets said…
Yep I know they deliberately don't advertise it - some of the big media sites like Hulu can block proxy addresses.

Rest assured the best support in the business.
Lauri said…
Wow! thanks for the interesting information on what a cloaked proxy can do! I had NO idea!!!
Welshgadgets said…
It's surprising isn't it Lauri. Your IP address is used to classify and restrict what you can do online.

Having the ability to change it - opens up lots of possibilities.

Identity Cloaker is now being used in over 75 countries, especially for watching BBC Iplayer - they've had to put more UK servers online :)
Anonymous said…
By the way - I just noticed that BBC Iplayer only checks when you first connect.

So you can disconnect after you start playing something - which means it might stream much faster.

You can't switch shows without restarting Identity Cloaker though as you'll get blocked again.

Welshgadgets said…
Hi Melvin,

That's very true - it depends on your connection if it's worth doing though.

It actually be quicker watching BBC Iplayer directly through one of the Identity Cloaker proxies than disconnecting - depends on where you are, try both methods and see.

You can also swap which of the servers you are using, there are a few UK servers check which one is quickest for you.

The service I used to use, everyone tended to use the same server even though they had several available. It worked really well if you chose a different one nobody was using.
bees said…
Can you tell me if you can use identity cloaker to use the the new service of BBC i-player on the Humax Foxsat HDR abroad? This service makes it possible to watch BBC i-player on your TV but because I live abroad I need a way around my ip address. I instaaled the trial version on my computer and I can watch i-player on my computer. My Humax is connected wireless to the internet with a plug. It received its own ip-address. Will this address be 'cloaked' when I have installed the programme on my computer?
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Bees,

I'm afraid that's not going to work, your Humax Foxsat HDR won't be cloaked as it is presumably using the IP address it gets from your router. This will then get blocked from the BBC Iplayer site.

How practical this is depends on the network configuration screens on your Humax Foxsat. If it allows the input of a proxy server (plus a username and password) you'd be able to use the IP address any of the Identity Cloaker UK proxies, but from what I can discover it simply doesn't allow this.

You basically need to do what I tested with the Wii here - Wii Iplayer abroad - which works fine because you can input the setting directly onto the hardware - i.e. the Wii.

There are ways to route your Humax through a PC running Identity Cloaker but it would be a bit convoluted and I suspect would end up being a bit slow.

Sorry about that !

bees said…
Thanks for that Welshgadgets, I had already expected this but as I'm not an expert I wasn't sure. I have just got the wii working, I had problems at first because I forgot to change the country into united kingdom. It works fine now.
Anonymous said…
Will this work with a Mac? It seems too good to be true.

And equally important, can someone who has very little understanding of technology work this?

Welshgadgets said…
Hi Bigraddy,

Yes it does work :)

The release version for the Mac is apparently due to be released in a few weeks. There is an early version but it's a bit fiddly to install.

But you can still easily use the Identity Cloaker servers via a Mac to watch BBC Iplayer at the moment.

Drop me a line using the Contact Us link above right on this page and I'll step you through it.

You just need to change a couple of settings in your browser and you can watch the BBC through Identity Cloaker.

It's not too hard - honest, just talked a couple of people through the settings yesterday.

surfboy said…
When is Identity cloaker going to available on the MAC. I keep hearing its soon.
Welshgadgets said…
I know Surfboy, they keep telling me it's soon as well :)

But I have tried the first Identity Cloaker Mac beta now - it has a few little issues but is looking good. It's nearly there.

If you want to try it drop me a line.
jrt4 said…
I am going to Czech Republic for an operation in June I am going to be stuck in a hotel room for about 4 days,will the 10 day trial work?
Is it easy to use/install?
Thanks Katie.
Welshgadgets said…
Responded to your question in the other thread Katie, but yes it will definitely work.
Welshgadgets said…
The Mac version is looking good but still a few small issues to be sorted - incidentally surfboy above dropped me a line as he was watching the BBC news in JFK airport using the mac version :)
Inceptum said…
I just signed up for this and all it would download is a windows version. Where do I go to get the Mac version. Could someone please help me the F1 race starts in a few hours.
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Inceptum,

The Mac is still in beta, but contact Identity Cloaker and they'll send you a copy I'm sure. I can send you it you also if you leave an email address here on my blog (I won't post it) - or use the contact us button above and send me a message.
Anonymous said…
Hi all,

I watched this thinking it'd be too good to be true as well, and was pretty sceptical.

I downloaded the trial paid the 4 pounds and tried it out for 10 days. Its fantastic. I just renewed with a three month subscription.

I've found a Canadian IP that works with ESPN360 (which is fantastic for sports fans), i've also been able to access live streaming NRL coverage from within Australia where I live. I recommend buying the trial 10 day pass and giving it a go.

Thank you very much Welshgadgets for showing me how to use this WORKING Solution for streaming TV. The least I can do is give you some positive feedback sir.
Welshgadgets said…
Thanks for the kind comments Duff85, glad you're enjoying it.

I will have a look at ESPN360 myself as it has a lot of good sports events on UK TV as well.

Apparently a new UK server is being set up this week based in Newcastle for the BBC Iplayer traffic, plus new French and German proxies.
Gary said…
Betfair has just been banned in France, do you think it will work for this too?
Gary said…
Betfair has just been banned in France, do you think it will work for that too?
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Gary,

Yes pretty sure it will, as long as it doesn't check credit card details or something like that.

But if you have a betfair account let's check - drop me a line using the Contact Us button - top right of the page and we'll test it works using one of the UK proxies.
Welshgadgets said…
Just a note about Betfair, I was in Paris yesterday and checked this out.

I signed up on their Free £25 bet link
Free £25 bet

Well it's kinda free, if you lose they give you your money back I think - anyway signed up after hearing something on BBC Iplayer and bet £25 on England to win after falling behind (11-1)

Anyway signed up fine using a Identity Cloaker UK proxy and a UK debit card and address.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Gary if I win :)
Raunchywear said…
BBCi and ITV player work fine but you can't watch channel 4 live since this is done via and when you try and sign up to them it knows you are outside the UK. I have only tried 3 different UK proxies and none worked. Maybe someone can investigate as to whether some of the proxies have already been blocked.
Welshgadgets said…

I'm afraid TVCatchup won't work through any proxies at least the fast commercial ones. They've blocked access to any IP address from a UK datacentre. Looking for a solution but not found one yet. You'd need a server hosted outside one of the main datacentres.

This is the only channel I've found that has done this all the others like BBC Iplayer etc can be watched either via a UK proxy or using the VPN mode in Identity Cloaker.
Raunchywear said…
spoilsports aren't they! I suppose this must affect people who are genuinely in the UK?
Welshgadgets said…
No it doesn't affect people in the UK unless they normally use a proxy to surf through.

They've just blocked the server IP addresses from the UK datacentres. Probably a solution but not found a simple one yet ;)
Barbara said…
How is the connection from Australia to watch mainly UK shows and maybe US? I note there is a monthly usage of 30GB, how does that equare in terms of how many hours?
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Barbara,

To be honest I've never tried it from Australia, but I have a friend who uses it regularly from Perth and he says all the UK stuff works fine (he doesn't watch the US sites but there's no reason there should be a problem - more US servers coming soon)

The download cap is there just to stop people downloading 24/7 - as long as you don't download the HD versions you'll easily get over 200 hours viewing per month probably much more.

Hope that helps - best to try out the trial first if you want to test it.

Barbara said…
I have paid for the demo 10 day version, the ITV iPlayer site works well but I cannot watch NBC when I switch to the US server, I have been trying to watch "Who do you think you are?" but it just sits there and does nothing, any tips or tricks I should know about?
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Barbara,

Yes some sites don't work in proxy mode so you have to use the VPN function in Identity Cloaker.

On that page there's a video demonstrating how to use the VPN it 3/4 of the way down.

Actually this VPN feature will be built into the new version of Identity Cloaker which should be released in a few weeks - it will be sent out to all customers (it's being tested at the moment)

Barbara said…
Hi again WG

Well I have tried every VPN setting there is and it still doesn't let me watch NBC. I admit to not being techie but I can follow instructions, I followed your link to the letter but the webpage comes up, with Done down at the bottom but no actual video to be seen. If at all possible if you have the time do you think you could go and try and watch Who Do You Think You Are? My daughter is desperate to watch the Sarah Jessica Parker episode LOL!! If you can't be bothered then that is OK too, do you think it is because Australia is so far from the US or is that a dumb question ha ha!!

Welshgadgets said…
Hi Barbara,

I'm sorry I may have confused you here as I've not watched NBC for a long time.

I've just checked and got my friend in Oz to check as well and NBC works fine in the normal proxy mode so you don't need the VPN.

The problem is more likely to be NBC Flash player which lots of people have problems with. I found on some of my computers I had to remove then reinstall Flash to get it to work.

Try removing it then reinstalling - here

or try another browser if that doesn't work?

As long as you select a US proxy from Identity Cloaker it should be fine but getting the flash player working may be harder !

Send me an email using Contact Us button above if you want some help and I'll try :)

Raunchywear said…
Just a quick comment to let people know I have resubscribed for 3 months as I had no problems with IC at all. Only speed issues are with BBCi Player during world cup matches but that's more about the BBC than IC. Very satisfied!
Welshgadgets said…
Just a quick note - sorry had to disable comments on this page as there was so much spam and I didn't have time to go through it all.

But send me an email with the contact us tab above and I'll reply :)

If you're having problems watching any TV show at all not just BBC Iplayer - let me know and I'll try and help.
Welshgadgets said…
I've had loads of emails about the Mac version but alas they've still not released it officially!

They're are still some issues with it so the Identity Cloaker people are holding it back.

If any Mac user wants to watch BBC Iplayer, ITV, Hulu etc - I've found a good service which is decent value - it's low key (i.e not called uk tv,bbc iplayer abroad, bbc proxy etc), very cheap and has a great network of servers across the world included in the price.

Oh and the owner is called Dave and he's a good guy - they're called


I've been trying it out for the last few weeks and its very good for all UK channels and they've even got an Australian proxy which is very fast.
Steven said…
anyone know if its easy to connect to my wireless router and therefore my uk internet for when i travel to canada?
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Steven,

It depends on what your router is.
Your router must support Remote access via a VPN connection (usually PPTP, Ipsec or L2TP). You have to enable this service on your router then create a VPN connection from your Canada computer back to the router.

Quite a few modern routers allow VPN connections.

The problem I had is that UK upload speeds are often very slow compared with download speeds (you'll be uploading from your router to your Canada computer)but that depends on your connection.

If set up it does allow you to watch BBC IPlayer though as your connection will be registered as in the UK.
Welshgadgets said…
The new version of Identity Cloaker should be out any day now :)
It's vastly increased security enabling you to encrypt any application individually - for those of us concerned with anonymous surfing it's very welcome !

I know many just want to watch stuff online -but better news for them - the VPN function will be built in making BBC Iplayer, Hulu, Sky Player, Pandora and all the rest accessible from the main program.

I've been testing it with many others for months - hopefully will be released very soon. I think they'll leave the old version available as this one can't be run from a USB drive yet I'm afraid.

Ropa said…
Hi - Can one get HBO via this arrangement please? ro
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Ro,

To be honest I've not tried HBO. I'll check it out and see if it does.

rafa said…
Could I see the spanish TV since Ireland?

Welshgadgets said…
HBO worked fine for me but had to use the VPN mode.

@Rafa - sorry they don't have a Spanish server currently so it would be no use for you.

If you want a service that has Spanish servers - these guys are good - Overplay
Welshgadgets said…
Just heard that they're adding even more UK servers over the next few weeks that should allow even faster access to BBC Iplayer.

The next server online will have a 1Gbit port with 100TB data transfer!
Hutch said…
While not surfing, I use a program that accesses UK based servers that will not be allowed to access them outside the UK. It is a trading program (Metatrader 4). Do you know if these Proxies works with this kind of program? Thanks
Welshgadgets said…

Sorry for late reply - was on hols. I've looked at Metatraders and I'd be very surprised if it didn't work with Identity Cloaker.

But to be sure you'd be best trying the trial first - if there is a problem just ask them for refund.

If you want help getting it to work you can email me at ngbconsult(at)
3dunusual said…
Thank you so much for the Overplay suggestion for Mac users. It's totally AWESOME! if the Beeb has any sense they would actually integrate it into their site so the UK residents overseas wouldn't miss out. I live out in the maldives - and i have my own place in england - with a fully licensed tv but no one to enjoy the shows - so overplay is just brilliant for this. I also ilke your site and the way you write. Thank you again for all your info and help.
Welshgadgets said…
Thanks for the kind comments 3dunusual :), they're appreciated.

I agree with the comments about the BBC and in fact all the other media sites, there has to be a better way of doing this!

But unfortunately it does seem to be increasing, you will find more and more blocks on web sites and pages due to your location.

I have been using one of those *sneaky* proxies you mentioned and am interested in Identity Cloaker.

I am a BBC/ITV-aholic here in the states. One thing, is there a way to also use this on a Wii (for my son's sanity as we never watch the same things at the exact same time, and we are in the same house) also, no matter how hard I try, I can NOT get the BBC iPlayer downloader to DL programmes for later... would Identity Cloaker solve this, or should I get a friend over the pond to DL it, and email the .exe file to me?

Thank you.
Welshgadgets said…

Yep you can watch BBC Iplayer on your Wii using Identity Cloaker - it's surprisingly good quality actually.

I've put a post on this previously - I am pretty sure it still works ok.

As for downloading content unfortunately you can't use proxies for that. The BBC Iplayer Download button needs to be connected by what's called a VPN. Fortunately Identity Cloaker has a mode for that which you can probably best see here -

You need this mode for many media channels - for example many of the Canadian and French stations for. If you connect this way the download button on the BBC Iplayer app should work.

Hope this helps - good luck :)

riddimchef said…
So am I ridht in thinking that with Overplay you could use an iphone abroad and use your uk data plan?
Welshgadgets said…
Unfortunately not riddimchef.

None of these hide your location from your ISP and/or carrier as they use your current internet connection.

Hope that makes sense.

meredith said…
A bit late here, but I am having trouble using Identity Cloaker with Mac. It seems like the release never happened?

Welshgadgets said…
HI Meredith,

You're right it hasn't happened yet. It was pretty much complete but they had problems with a couple of issues which affected a few users. Main issue has been finding competent OSx programmers I believe (so if you know any I'm sure they'd be interested!)

Having said that the pre-release version seemed to work pretty well for most people.

If you've bought for the MAC version - drop them a line and ask for a copy to try.

Contact them on
Identity Cloaker Support

Or you can ask for a refund - they'll definitely refund you.

If you just wanted to use it in proxy mode (which works for BBC Iplayer - but not live streaming or Hulu) - you can use the proxies directly from the browser.

Go into Safari(or any browser) and select preferences, advanced and
proxies - in here you need to put in a UK proxy server address(and
put your IDC username and password), plus change the port to 4040.

Hope that helps email is ngbconsult(at) if you need help.

Alex Q said…
Yeah, the pre-release version of Identity Cloaker for Mac works pretty well. Still can't view BBC News Live but it works for the iPlayer.
Welshgadgets said…
Let me check that out for you Alex.
Welshgadgets said…

To watch the BBC Live you need to use the VPN mode in Identity Cloaker.

Unfortunately the Pre-release Mac version doesn't have this :(

Alex Q said…
Thanks for that Welshgagdet. Hopefully the full release of the Mac Identity Cloaker will come soon, or if anyone knows another proxy service that lets you view BBC New Live.
Unknown said…
Is there a way that I can use my iPhone directly through iPlayer app to either watch the TV or listen to Radio?
Channel 4 used to be my favourite, however, without IP and I can not use PC as proxy, I am wondering which is the proper way using iPhone or iPad directly.
Any comment or suggestions?
Thanks a million
Welshgadgets said…
Yep there is indeed, IDC have enabled direct VPN access to their servers for subscribers.

So you can connect directly via an Iphone or Ipad to one of their UK servers and watch all the BBC stuff and Channel 4. Should help Alex Q above as well !

I've put a post up here for the Ipad but it's almost identical for the Iphone.

Watch Iplayer on Ipad Abroad

Hope that helps,

IRodman said…
do they have South African servers? Because I want to watch DSTV programs on the net but I can't because I am not in South Africa.
Welshgadgets said…

They don't have South African servers I'm afraid. If you want to watch DSTV - these guys have a server in Pretoria. I just had a quick test and DSTV detected I was in South Africa so looks like it will work.

Haven't tested speed or anything though so just test with their month trial first. They're good guys though.


Hope that helps, give me a shout if you have problems.

IRodman said…
Yeah you have, the only problem is that they don't have a trial version, I am force to pay for a month and if it's doesn't work it's too bad for me : (
Welshgadgets said…
I'm sure they will give you a refund if you have a problem.
Alex Q said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex Q said…
Thank for the earlier post about streaming live on your iPad, Welshgadgets. My company recently got me an iPhone and now I'm able to watch live BBC TV. Still want to be able to steam it on my desktop but this is great.

And for people thinking about subscribing to IdentityCloaker, I can tell you they rock. Fantastic customer service. You won't be disappointed.
Welshgadgets said…
No problem Alex and thanks for the comment. BTW you should be able to set up a VPN using the same process on your Mac.
Emma Smales said…
I didn't realise this was just for PC and not Mac. Do you recommend a service for Mac 10.5.8?
Alex Q said…
Yeah thanks for sharing the link
Welshgadgets said…
No problem, just been some more UK server upgrades - working faster than ever now, at least it is for me :)
Welshgadgets said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Welshgadgets said…
New Mac version apparently out now - ask support for latest version, not tried it yet but it's taken years to develop so should be good!
Welshgadgets said…
Some fast new UK servers, you can watch live HD TV on the BBC iPlayer now too, usin Identity Cloaker.
Val said…
Does this still work, after the changes BBCi made in February 2016? My proxy server can not get me BBCi, although ITV hub is still OK
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Val,
Yep it still works fine, I used it over the weekend from France. I presume you mean the BBC targeting VPN and proxies -

Identity Cloaker is relatively low key and never advertises it's ability to watch TV on it so tends to get ignored. If you've paid up front for another service ask them if they have any other IP addresses you can use, although the BBC have blocked lots of services most of them have switched IP addresses to bypass this.

Hope this helps.
Welshgadgets said…
Get a few questions about this post because it's so old!

So the answer is yes it still works for all UK TV stations including BBC iPlayer and the new website. It's probably quicker than before because they've upgraded all the servers.
Welshgadgets said…
Another small update. Identity Cloaker has survived the recent BBC purge on VPN programs, still works perfectly.

Also it's one of the few that will still work with Netflix. So if you want to watch US or UK Netflix then just choose one of the US servers. It only redirects to these versions currently because of the way Netflix chose to block VPNs. They now restrict access from all commercial registered IP addresses. Identity Cloaker now has some residential addresses specifically for Netflix but unfortunately they are much more expensive. As such you can only redirect to US and UK Netflix currently.
Gregory Jones said…
it does not work with chrome for live ITV. -it shows about 5 minutes and then loops back. It does do catch up. the problem is in China it needs a fast connection and at certain times of day the UK site is really slow. Openvpn does sometimes work when this occurs.
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Gregory, Thanks for the comment, it's really interesting as I've not tried Identity Cloaker with ITV live from China. I did use it from China last year but only with BBC iPlayer which was fine.

Have you tried all the servers, sometimes switching to a different UK server might help. Also try changing the encrypted/unencrypted setting both these can affect the speed. Strange that the OpenVPN connection worked better for you though, I normally find it slightly slower.

If you have a tablet/smart phone you could try setting up the VPN connection directly (i.e without the software) and see if that helps?

Mind you if it's just latency from the ITV site when accessed from your location in China there's probably little you can do. It's worth sending an email to the Identity Cloaker support guys they will always try and help you with any issues like this.
Welshgadgets said…
Forgot to mention, ITV Hub used to check your computer Timezone intermittently and block if you were outside UK/GMT. It might be worth trying to change your computer clock as well.