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Anonymous Internet Surfing - The Anonymous USB Stick

One of the most useful aspects of Identity Cloaker for anonymous internet surfing is the simple fact that it can be run from a USB stick. This means that when you are travelling, or at work or on the move you can make your surfing anonymous wherever you are. The program installs quickly and easily on to any usb drive and can be run directly from that.  Which means I can stick to my network of fast secure proxies, and not have to risk the thousands of hopelessly insecure free ones on the web.

Anonymous Internet Surfing on the move

When I'm travelling I often go to countries which use black lists or content filtering to restrict web sites. In exactly the same way as you might be blocked from viewing facebook at work then you'll find many legitimate web sites blocked by content filtering as you travel. If you use Identity Cloaker then all your web browsing is encrypted and so content filtering doesn't actually work. It means that I can access sites like Youtube (banned in a surprising number of countries) when I'm travelling if I wish. I just start up Identity Cloaker and put in my password - an instant encrypted connection - nobody can monitor anything or block any web site I visit.

This is because there are a variety of ways that you block access to web sites but most of them don't work when you're using Identity Cloaker. One of the biggest in the world is a program called Surf Control which is hardware device used in many big companies. It filters what content you can access via a huge database that blocks certain sites. If you're Anonymous Internet Surfing with Identity Cloaker none of your traffic is visible and so the web sites you visit are invisible. All the proxies and content filters see is a stream of encrypted traffic so the URL cannot be read and therefore not blocked. anonymous surfing at work

It is an extremely powerful feature but remember that even though nobody can block your internet access when surfing anonymously through an ENCRYPTED proxy connection - you can still get into trouble if you disregard company policies and restrictions.

I have no qualms about using it abroad though when Governments block sites merely because they don't like the political content - wordpress blogs are also censored in many places.

My little anonymous USB drive with Identity Cloaker allows me to surf securely wherever I am, and I decide on how my connection is used. It is also fantastic for allowing me to access BBC Iplayer when I'm travelling as well - just select a UK proxy and I can stream BBC video to wherever I am at the time. Try it anonymous internet surfing via a USB stick and no internet censorship anywhere !

Here's an illustration of what exactly is happening. You can see from the diagram here that just by running this application from either a USB drive at work or on your home PC, that you are actually accessing a private network infrastructure.

anonymous surfing through SSH

The Identity Cloaker application sets up the initial connection and controls the SSH tunnel, this encrypts everything that you do online. The tunnel exists between you and whichever proxy server you select. The proxy server you choose determines your location and how it appears to the web server you are visiting. It sounds complicated but in fact, all you do is select your server and browse normally, anonymous internet surfing has never been easier.

There is a real extra benefit to being able to run Identity Cloaker from a disk or USB stick,  for instance at work or school you'll often find you have no administrative rights to install software or even change your proxy settings.  You are forced to surf via the central proxy, you have no anonymity there and as well as being logged you will also find many sites blocked.  Not when you connect via an SSH or VPN connection, you'll sail through the central proxy unlogged and unblocked,  in fact everywhere you surf from - true anonymous surfing.  Compare this with the usual method of trying to surf through an online web based free proxy which provides no privacy and rarely works in any vaguely locked down environment.

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There are of course other benefits to being this anonymous on the internet! Ever heard of geolocation - this is basically when websites decide on what content you can access depending on your location. When you surf anonymously, this location is controlled by you and is dependent upon whichever proxy server you connect through. So for instance,as I mentioned above you can't access things like the BBC Iplayer outside the UK, or Hulu is blocked from outside the US, but not when you conenct through Identity Cloaker (see the links at top of the blog for more information). Surfing anonymously is indeed possible but only if you use professional applications, high speed proxies and a secure connection.

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