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Banned IP Address - Well just Use Another One !

Your IP address is increasingly being used to control what you can or can't see on the internet. Take for example one of my loud mouth friends who got banned from his favourite forums. He got into an argument with a moderator and that was it - they banned IP address he was using and that was it he couldn't get onto the forum, couldn't even register under a different account.


Now it might not seem a big deal to you or I, but it was for my friend - he loved this forum (it was to do with an online game) and he was desperate to get back on.

Can you Change a Banned IP address

He needed to change his IP address - so he asked me. Well my IP address is always protected so I was able to help him. He used Identity Cloaker and connected via one of the many private proxies, the forum was unable to detect his real IP address and he was able to register a new account.

Of course there are other ways of achieving this, for instance changing your ISP will instantly give you a whole new identity and a different IP address for instance.

When you think about it a banned IP address is a pretty basic way of controlling who accesses what. For instance you can't access BBC Iplayer abroad if you try and watch from an IP address in a non-UK country but connect via one of Identity Cloakers UK proxy servers and it works perfectly.

Same goes with Online Casinos - many countries IP addresses are banned for dubious reasons but all you need to do is use a different IP address and you can play freely. Switching ISPs won't help with this situation though as the IP address will be country related and the ban will be focussed on this.

Now I'm sure my friend will get banned from his forum when he opens his big mouth again but he does have a rather large selection of proxies to hide behind when he suffers from a banned IP address again !

So if you've been banned from a forum or board why not surf via a proxy and have the last word.....believe me having a world full of fast, secure proxies all across the world opens a world of possibilities, I'm off to watch Hulu !

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raks123 said…
Thank you for sharing information.As you said many account getting banned.Sometimes the account getting banned .If it so means no problem can create new account.But ip is banned means should change it.To change ip we have to check whether it is static or dynamic.Dynamic means no need to change it, it will change automatically while refresh computer or modem .If it is a static ip address means it wont change at any situation so we have to change it manually.To change static ip address you have to contact your internet service provider .After getting new ip address you can check it with the site