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Free Transparent Proxies Direct From Google

Ok thought I'd put up the first of many little tips and tricks, this one is a rather surprising free transparent proxy server. It has very little security, there's definitely some issues with it but it's quite a neat little trick that I hope someone gets some benefit from.

Instead of messing around with the free anonymous proxies most people end up rather foolishly routing their traffic through why not use a server that's a bit more well known and secure.

Here's how to use Google as transparent proxy server.

First head over to Googles translate page here -
- then copy the URL you want to visit into the translate box. Now the old trick of this used to be that you translate into the same language - so you for instance translated from english to english but they blocked this route.

However if you use any language for an english page (e.g. I use Spanish) it will fail to translate and just leave the page as it is. So select your languages and then paste your required URL into the translate box.

What will happen is Google translate will go and fetch the web page you require and forward it on to you in a frame. Google translate has become your own personal free transparent proxy server.

Here's a facebook login page, translated from Spanish - works just the same but you can see that the page is actually displayed in a frame. The facebook page is being proxied from the Google translate server - pretty neat huh. It can be used to bypass some filtering and blocks, it's not really secure as it's effectively a transparent proxy as it doesn't protect your IP address. Having said that I tested it on a lot of scripts which detect your IP and location and most of them picked up Google Translates IP address.

You can carry on surfing in the translate frame although you may have difficulties with privacy settings and cookies on ssl and protected web sites.

It's very handy in certain situations although it shouldn't be relied upon for security as it's not exactly high anonymity but it can be useful bypassing certain censorship and content filters - it's a fast, free transparent proxy server though.

I'd be interested to hear on any uses for this proxy server :)

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