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More benefits to Anonymous Proxy Surfing

When you start to protect your identity online, you will soon find lots of other benefits to anonymous proxy surfing. I've already detailed in an earlier post how I use the surf proxy features of Identity Cloaker to watch the BBC Iplayer abroad

But the real beauty is that you're no longer classified, pigeon-holed or censored based on where you happen to be surfing from. It's not just about security, it's not just software that keeps you anonymous, the ability to surf by proxy has lots more benefits. Here's another great example - me trying to access my favourite internet radio site - Pandora.

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surf proxy access Pandora
But I can't because I am currently in a boring hotel just outside Oxford and Pandora is only accessible to US listeners! But no problem I am an anonymous proxy surfing ninja who is not restricted by such tedious restrictions. If you look it's simply blocking me based on geo-targeting of my IP address which locates me as a UK web surfer.

Surf Proxy to Great Music

anonymous US proxy
But Identity Cloaker is still running as I am using the hotels insecure wireless network so I just need to switch to a US proxy which takes a click of my mouse and I am now surfing via one of the US proxies.

Now everyone will see me as a surfer from the US based on my IP address and as I'm using a fast private server, surf proxy is just as quick as without so let's try Pandora again.

using anonymous proxy to access Pandora

This time Pandora is fine as it thinks we are in the USA, it works on exactly the same principal as accessing the BBC Iplayer - all the web sites do is work out your location based on your IP address. It's exactly the same with thousands of web sites which restrict access just like online casinos from the USA - with Identity Cloaker it's just a matter of choosing which country you wish to surf from.

In fact you'll find you forget that you are surfing via a proxy much of the time, apart from the huge security issues with free proxies one of the main problems is speed. You'll never get any decent speed without paying for private proxies as bandwidth costs money - take it from me surf proxy with speed is definitely the way to go !

It gives you quite a feeling of empowerment especially knowing your connection is encrypted and protected at the same time. Of course there's a much more serious side when you use Identity Cloaker to bypass ridiculous Government based censorship as well, or use anonymous proxy surfing to post a blog anonymously and safely in a country where free speech is dangerous.

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