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Super Secure Surfing with SSH Tunnel Proxy

If you have access to an account on a secure SSH server at college or work then you can surf much more securely using a SSH Tunnel Proxy. Simply use a SSH client like Putty and you can keep your IP address anonymous and encrypt your connection (at least up to the proxy server)- that's a great start to secure surfing.

This secure tunnel will ensure that all your internet activities appear to come from the proxy server you access (using it's IP address) and as an added bonus your web logs in your ISP will all be encrypted with no record of any server except the other end of the SSH Tunnel Proxy.

There's a pretty good step by step guide here

You will have to make a couple of configuration changes in your browser - but you just need to point your browser at a local socks proxy (ie your machine on and the port number you forwarded to.

Secure Surfing - an Easier Way

Of course if you don't have an SSH account set up somewhere you can save yourself all the configuration by clicking on a button in Identity Cloaker as soon as you select a proxy - a secure SSH tunnel is set up between your web browser and your selected proxy. This means that everything is encrypted and no logging of your connection is possible, furthermore your IP address is hidden from any web site you may visit.

This is secure surfing via a fast SSH tunnel and a selection of high speed proxies providing the encrypted tunnel. There's even a full implementation of OpenVPN so you can encrypt virtually everything you do in addition to all your web browsing.

But I guess the real benefit of this is not the VPN connections, the SSH Tunnels or even the highly anonymous proxies. It's the speed and the ease of use - it's so fast and simple one click and you'd hardly know you were using a proxy server let alone down an SSH Tunnel - secure surfing but so fast it's pretty much indistinguishable.

Not all of us have the time and inclination to set up these technical solutions, unfortunately this often leads people to searching for 'half a solution' - usually the madness of using free anonymous proxies that are found on the internet.

For those who genuinely want to protect their information and don't want everything they download or do on the internet to be logged in lots of places there's Identity Cloaker.

Check it out not only can you surf securely, with your connection protected and you logs encrypted, it can also allow you to access GEO-restricted content (that is content that is restricted due to the location of your IP address. So secure surfing plus access to things like BBC Iplayer, Hulu and Fox Tv on the internet whether your in New York, Canada or downtown Hong Kong.

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