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Web Site Privacy - Government Monitor Facebook

Government monitor facebook cartoon

Well as if it isn't happening all ready the UK Government has announced plans to monitor facebook and social networking sites and log details in the central database I mentioned here Intercept Modernisation Programme . So this database gets a little bigger, now it will include

  1. Every Web Site you visit

  2. All your Emails and message you send

  3. Mobile phone and messages

  4. Your Social Networking groups and friends

Yes those World renowned Security experts.........

The Home Office said it was needed to tackle crime gangs and terrorists who might use the sites, but said it would not keep the content of conversations.

Obviously this is going to be a big blow to Al Qaeda who will need to stop twittering their targets to their followers and no more facebook groups for crime syndicates. Seriously you do have to wonder exactly how many terrorists they are going to catch on facebook!!

But yet again the ordinary citizen pays the price, another loss of privacy, another little chunk of freedom goes as the innocent are monitored and put under surveillance while the terrorist stay underground. There is little enough privacy without your government deciding to monitor facebook. Outside the UK don't laugh - I bet every government in the world is doing it to some extent.

Of course it's going to knock another nail in the coffin of free expression, when everything we say, download , do or talk to is quietly assigned to a bloody big database which will probably be monitored by everyone and his dog.

Just wait to when peoples political view, sexual or religious orientation are used by agencies to decide on adoption cases, licenses, government jobs. So how does Mr Jones decision to join the leather fetishes group on facebook look when it appears on the printed report when he goes to renew his alcohol license. Will Miss Smith harmless but slightly unusual religious beliefs stop her getting that government job?

That's what happens when your government keeps a database and monitors your every move, there is no web site privacy. We just went a stage further with the ridiculous claim that our government will monitor facebook to catch terrorists.

My suggestion - think carefully what you put onto facebook and encrypt your connection and hide your IP address with Identity Cloaker to stop everything else being logged.

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