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Highly Secure Proxies - Where can I get a list?

If you're looking for a list containing a nice up to date selection of free high anonymity proxy servers, then alas you're in for some disappointment. You won't find a list because you won't find a free highly anonymous proxy server.

Well that's not quite true, as you'll find hundred of proxy lists with many categorized as 'high anonymity' but that statement couldn't further from the truth. It doesn't matter that it's listed as 'elite', or 'secure' or 'highly secure' on these adsense covered, proxy page lists that are all over the internet. They won't be secure or anonymous because nobody with any skills is controlling the server and more importantly they're not being paid in any way.

How many highly skilled people not only give up their services for free but also pay for the bandwidth charges of complete strangers? Because if you believe the free proxy you're using is secure that is exactly what's happening !! Yeah right !

Configuring a Proxy for High Security

Here's the paradox, to be secure and highly anonymous - a proxy server must be configured properly. High anonymity proxies don't just occur they are carefully installed and maintained. The vast majority of open proxies that appear on these lists are there because they've been accidentally left open to other users - does this sound like an advanced secure proxy configuration?

The only time a proxy on these lists is really configured securely is when someone has hacked into it and is using it to steal passwords and account names from all those stupid enough to surf through it. After all they don't want other hackers stealing their victims do they.

Here's a common and highly dangerous configuration for a proxy server and one that is often found on many proxies on the internet. Here's what happens - the proxy service itself is run in the context of the 'root' account. This account has complete control over the server, all it needs is one little bug, vulnerability or flaw in the proxy server and your whole server is at risk. As is all the logs, data, web histories of every single user on that high anonymity server.

You'd think this would never happen, but believe me it does, as in all walks of life there are many system administrators who simply shouldn't be allowed near computers!!

This is just one minor example, but it makes anyone who uses a proxy
server configured like this extremely vulnerable, and don't think you'd be unlucky to use a server like this - the vast majority of free proxies are very badly configured and highly insecure.

Yet ironically you'll be safer using one of these than the many anonymous proxy servers released to steal accounts and data. The other types of so called high anonymity proxies are actually stealing your data.

Be warned, all you will find on the free anonymous proxy lists are huge security risks and hacker run honey traps. You'll be more secure avoiding these entirely, if you must use them make sure you only use them for general browsing and NEVER for logging onto any secure websites. Many people spend hours looking for a free UK Proxy to watch things like BBC Iplayer then forget remove the settings afterwards. To be honest it's not a risk I'd take using it in the first place.

If you really want a proxy that offers high anonymity - you have to either know a system administrator who you trust, set up and configure one yourself or you have to pay for someone to run it properly, securely and discretely. Remember using a proxy creates yet another list of everything you do on another server, I made sure that the proxy I use deletes it's logs instantly, no record and everything encrypted.

Don't kid yourself you'll be secure any other way and don't risk your anonymity or privacy on one of the free proxies, my recommendation is simple - Identity Cloaker , nothing else comes close for true high anonymity. Their proxies are configured to a highly secure standard, everything is encrypted and all the logs are deleted instantly, it's your data not anyone elses.

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Kevin said…
Great article thanks... I suspected, but now I know...

Using Tor now..
Welshgadgets said…
Tor is a much better option than most although it also has well documented security issues. Mainly because you have to trust random strangers with your traffic who run the exit nodes

Many researchers have stolen username, passwords and details by simply joining the network and controlling these nodes.

Best option for free though by far ! Tor is a worthwhile high anonymity system.