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Is it 1984 again ?

I wonder if there's ever been a book quite as prophetic as George Orwell's classic novel. But everywhere you look today we are being monitored, controlled, snooped and spied on. Huge central machines ensure our emails are tracked, our web browsing recorded, our phone calls monitored all or our own good.

If that's not enough the UK Government want to put all this data on a central database so more 'agencies' can access this information. But wait it gets better search engines are being subpoened for search information (US Govt and Google) and in the UK we are supposed to rejoice in an enormous IT project to enforce us all to have Identity cards (which will presumably be cross referenced with the databases so they can be sure of our politics, email habits and preferred porn sites)

Isn't this a little well..................crap ?

I think it is - just think of what happens when a terrorist attack happens - 99.9% are not directly affected by the act itself. Yet how many of us are affected by the hundreds of rules, laws and regulations that are imposed as a result of the attacks ?

Yep we lose privacy, freedoms and a bloody lot of time getting frisked in airports. But we don't get these things back - do you think stupid laws get repealed when they catch a few Al Qaeda ? Fat chance ...

European Directive on Mandatory Communications

Intercept Modernisation Programme

So just to summarise what this means for the people of the 'free western world' - we will have all our electronic communication (web, emails, phones etc) recorded and copied on to a big central database so that members of the local council or the local plod can browse through your details whenever he wants.

Annnoyed ??? - Well I bloody well am!!!!

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