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So how much privacy surfing do you have?

So how private is your surfing, in fact let's take it a step further how private is your online information.

Well maybe you'd not be surprised to discover that you have virtually none, privacy that is. Our online data is becoming widespread and slowly we are losing control of it. Many software programs offer to protect our anonymity by protecting our PCs, which is fine except that's probably the safest place for it to be. privacy surfing

The NSA and any other Intelligence agency wouldn't bother with seizing your PC to steal your data, they don't need to. While you think you have privacy surfing, your every move is logged at your ISP. Your data is all there on their backup logs, the ISP logs contain everything you do online, and while the NSA or similar would need a search warrant to grab your PC data - they generally don't need that to grab your ISP back up logs. Nor do the police in the USA, forget your rights under the 4th - currently police can read your emails and check your web browsing without a warrant - as long as they go to your ISP.

Just like a criminal, in the good old days he might break into your house to steal from you, nowadays he can it remotely, break into your ISP and he can steal your information and empty your bank accounts. It's also quite a lot safer being a cyber criminal - less problems with police, dogs and generally getting caught.

Protect your Privacy Surfing

But it's worse your data can be grabbed anywhere, on the wire, through a wireless connection, intercepted, monitored and snooped on. If you have some decent resources you can even install nodes to listen and monitor everything automatically. Happened many times in the US and being planned legitimately in Europe.

We often make it worse though, our life is online, our financial record are online, combine it with all your emails, web browsing, facebook updates and we don't have a lot of privacy left.

There are options though whilst our governments try and think about protecting our privacy (yeah right), you can use technology to protect yourself. Identity cloaker will protect your surfing and make your browsing logs unreadable by encrypting them to a level that even our Govts cannot decipher.

Better still you can select from a vast network of private, secure servers across the planet to protect your anonymity from the web sites you visit. There are currently anonymous proxies to protect your surfing privacy in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, UK, USA and many more coming soon.

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