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Hulu Outside US - The Real Solution

I am getting a bit of an expert on watching different Media using an Identity Cloaker proxy as I travel with my work. One channel I fancied trying was Hulu, but of course watching Hulu outside US is not as easy as it sounds.

Why Hulu? Well it's great content, some awesome shows like the Simpsons, House and Family Guy. But of course there's another reason, I hate the restrictions and censoring that people do on the basis of my IP address, the annoying geo-targeting. Which is why I can never resist seeing if we can bypass these blocks, so I wanted to try and watch via VPN or proxy - Hulu.

So Can you Watch HULU outside US ?

Yes of course you can, but actually it is one of the trickier ones to deal with. It's tricky because you can no longer just pop in the address of a free anonymous proxy. The best freebie way to watch Hulu when you were not in the US was hotspot shield and a proxy server, unfortunately that doesn't work anymore.

It's actually the same with lots of proxies, you get different messages depending on how you connect. hotspot shield proxies have been blocked deliberately I think, but the flash player behind Hulu, also won't seem to stream media through it's player now either.

HUlu Outside USHulu Streaming through US proxy

Above is the message you get when you try and stream through a private proxy. This is through one of Idenity Cloakers private US proxies. This method works with most Geo-Restricted content, things like Pandora, ABC and BBC IPlayer plus lots, lots more
But alas Hulu doesn't go for this method.

So How to Watch Hulu outside US

It's actually quite easy to do. Of course you do need to use a US Based server but you have to connect to it using a VPN. This is a Virtual Private Network - what is basically does is to create a tunnel between your PC and the American VPN server. Down this all your traffic will flow, so when you browse the internet - it is routed through the VPN tunnel. This makes your connection indistinguishable from an American server (or wherever the server is).

Fortunately Identity Cloaker offers two ways of connecting to the private network of proxy servers available and one of them is via an OpenVPN client. It's all built into the software.

OpenVPN HULU ProxyStart OpenVPN for Hulu

Just start the OpenVPN client and you'll see a little computer icon appear in your task bar, right click and select the nearest US server to you - European users should connect one of the East Coast servers. Then head back to Hulu and you should be pleasantly surprised.

The VPN and US proxy fools Hulu, well it's because the VPN makes you a legitimate US surfer anyway.

Watching Hulu from Europe

The Identity Cloaker software and subscription is an essential tool in todays modern internet world. It bypasses censorship, you can watch any media from anywhere in the world, I use it to watch Hulu, ABC, BBC Iplayer, UK TV and M6player from France. You can listen to Pandora anywhere in the world, and watch, listen and read what you wherever you are. All the time everything you do is encrypted, it offers both protection and freedom - even if you are just using it like this to watch Hulu outside US, you're supporting the development of a valuable security product.

Try it - there's a 10 day trial for a few dollars - to see if it works for you - I'm sure you won't be disappointed - Identity Cloaker Trial.

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pesto said…
any idea for mac os x?

pesto said…
any ideas for mac os?

Welshgadgets said…
Hi Pesto,

Mac version of Identity Cloaker is in beta testing at the moment, they haven't got the VPN built in yet although.

You need the VPN connection functionality for Hulu and some of the other media sites in the US.

There are a few providers but most charge per server and it gets expensive - one that doesn't is these guys OverPlay who you just pay a single subscription for access to all their servers.

Might be worth checking out until Identity Cloakers Macs Os x version is released.

Hope that helps.
pesto said…
Great, thanks for the info. :)
I'll go off checking pricing while waiting for Identity Cloaker..

Have a good one!
Welshgadgets said…
Anyone subscribing to Identity Cloaker now - ask them for the new version - IDC2. You don't need to use the VPN mode - it's easier to use and faster. Works great with Hulu.

It is scheduled for release but they are taking a long time to officially release it.