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Iran's Internet Protesters

Since the recent presidential election there have been a number of protests throughout Iran. Many of these protesters have clashed violently with the police.

As there is such an intense censorship within the country itself, many of the protesters are now using the internet to get there views and opinions across.

Thanks to the popular social networking sites, Iran’s protesters can now build and follow through with their campaign thanks to the World Wide Web.

These online social networking sites which are being used by Iran’s protesters are gaining in popularity. Not only with the protesters, as to a certain degree it allows the protesters an amount of anonymity, but also by the rest of the world.

The world’s media is now continually checking these social networking sites to be kept to date with the latest happenings and a country which is not friendly towards journalist. Through this we are gaining an insight into the life and challenges that the Iranian people are currently facing.

Are Iran's Internet Protesters a Threat?

Internet protesting is becoming a real concern for the Iranian government. In such a heavily censored country, any would be protesters are heading underground to avoid the quick and harsh reprimands for speaking out against the regime.
iranian internetDon't look like police do they ?
The internet has been the key to this. In such a heavily monitored and censored environment, the internet has become the light at the end of a very dark and oppressive tunnel for many of these protesters.

Iran is within the top 10 countries for blogging. Blogging and instant messenger although being popular with the younger generation within the west, it is not frequently used as form of communication that is classed as serious, let alone political.

The reason why so many protesters are using the internet and instant messenger is because it allows an amount of freedom that traditional forms of protest do not.

Although there has been a surge in internet protesters in Iran, it is not without its dangers.

Currently the updates, posted by some of the Iranian protesters on one of the current favourites is Twitter, is gaining an enormous amount of media attention.

A warning has been sent to the media, requesting that the bloggers are left unnamed due to the penalties they will face in Iran for their actions.

The punishment for protesting and speaking out against the Iranian government can vary. For some a fine is all they get, although this fine is usually exceptionally high. Others face lengthy spells in dismal prisons.

The fear that the brutality that the police treat protesters with is building, meaning that many internet protesters are choosing to remain silent for the time being.

The internet has been the key for many things within our modern life, and now it is being used to help give a voice to those who are being silenced. Thanks to the bravery of the internet protesters, both sides of the issues within Iran are now being aired.

{Guest Post by Kate from England}

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