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Identity Cloaker - BBC Proxy Iplayer

Although Identity Cloaker is one of the most advanced security programs available, it does seem to have a very popular use currently, which is to proxy BBC Iplayer content for people outside the UK. So is using this security software a solution to how to watch BBC Iplayer from abroad in places like the US, Canada or Europe where it gets blocked?

It might not seem obvious but cloaking your identity does have great advantages as many web sites restrict their content depending on where your IP address originates from. This is why people look for a BBC Proxy Iplayer, if you search on the internet you'll find lots of firms promoting UK TV proxies, BBC proxies or watching internet TV websites.

Proxy for BBC IplayerGlobal TV Experience

Most of them are providing a proxy server which you can connect to in order to watch whatever content you require. For some time I paid approximately 150 EUR a year to a company who provided me with a single UK proxy server to watch BBc Iplayer, and don't get me wrong it worked. However if I wanted to access something in USA (the awesome Pandora for instance) I had to pay them for a US subscription.

It was then I discovered Identity Cloaker through my interest in security software, they have a network of proxies across the world, plus a simple software front end - which allows me to click on the country and connect automatically. The cost is about half what I paid for a single UK proxy previously.

You can see in this picture a partial list of the proxies that are available (IP addresses obscured for obvious reasons), there are multiple proxies in Canada, US, Sweden, France and lots of proxies in the UK to cope with BBC Iplayer!

There are many other great sites to explore beyond the BBC though when you are not limited to your specific IP address, try Hulu, Fox, NBC and ABC or the wonderful internet radio station called Pandora. Some of these sites do additional checks on how you are connecting so you may have to use the VPN functionality of Identity Cloaker, I know ITV and Hulu both need to connect like this but don't worry it's very simple.

BBC Proxy Iplayer mentioned on Website??

I get asked this a lot, many people ask why they can't see the functionality of BBC Iplayer proxies, or Hulu, NBC or Pandora on the Identity Cloaker website. The simple fact is that it is security software designed to protect the surfing of it's clients, the media sites like BBC and Fox will don't want their content accessed in other countries so are likely to block access to firms directly marketing TV proxies. Identity Cloaker is professional security software which provides access to a large network of proxies, but discretion is the key.

What no Mention of Iplayer?

The support staff are more than happy to assist in people watching UK IPlayer or other blocked media but don't expect this to get mentioned on the web sites. For all of us who watch Match of the Day and Formula One outside the UK by a British proxy, we're quite happy keeping a low profile with an encrypted connection and a fast proxy network to use. All the companies who target this market directly have a tendency to disappear when faced with legal threats from Aunties legal team - believe me it happens all too frequently.

Try the Trial - it's only the cost of coffee and sandwich, they don't keep you locked into a subscription or rebill automatically - it will show you how well BBC Iplayer works through a proxy on private servers, from anywhere in the world. You'll wonder how you lived without it and if you are using some other paid system you'll save lots each year - 10 days of the BBC Iplayer

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Welshgadgets said…
A quick tip for those who use Identity Cloaker to watch BBC Iplayer. After the show has started streaming, you can right click the Identity Cloaker Icon and disconnect. This means you will then go direct to the BBC Iplayer site, it will be quicker for many people.

This works because BBC Iplayer only checks at the start of the programme - so if you want to switch shows you'll have to enable it again.