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Watching the Ice Pilots on the History Channel via a Canadian Proxy

I've just been watching a really good program on the History Channel called the Ice Pilots. It's on the Canadian site as I couldn't find it on the other versions of the History channel. At the moment in the UK, the whole country has ground to a halt because of the staggeringly low temperatures of just below zero ! Anyway this is a reality show with pilots from a company called Buffalo Airways flying in rather cooler temperatures - excellent show.

Anyway the reason I came across was I was asked if Identity Cloaker would allow access from outside Canada. Yep the Canadian History channel blocks everyone who doesn't have a Canadian IP address. It's our old friend geotargeting again, seems to be every web site you visit sometimes.

I know Identity Cloaker has some Canadian proxies so thought I'd check to see if I could access the series from outside Canada. In truth it was another excuse for me to play with my video capture software which I'm slowly beginning to understand.

Anyway here's the instructions for Identity Cloaker users, just click play to watch the video instructions.

Watching History Channel via Canadian Proxy

Hope this video explains it better. Unfortunately you won't be able to use a free Canadian Proxy as the flash player won't work properly with just a proxy. You'd have to find or set up a VPN tunnel to a PC or server based in canada and surf through that.

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Anonymous said…
I think you missed attaching the link to explain how to do this as I haven't been successful to finding it (and I want to watch Ice Pilots from the US so I'm in the same boat. Thanks for your tips.
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Glenn,

I put the instructions in the video, although perhaps it doesn't look that clear.

If you can't see it let me know and I'll put the screenshots up.