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M6 Replay, French Proxy but Not in France

One of the things I love with this blog is the little stories I get from people trying to accessing different sites, they want to know if anonymous surfing can help them. From desperate Formula One fans stuck in the middle of nowhere who want to watch a certain race, to Rugby and Football fans all over the world. Well here's the latest one I got an email from a French chap working in Nigeria who was kinda homesick. What he wanted to access was a media site called M6 Replay, and he wanted to know if Identity Cloakers French Proxy would help him access this site. Well I always make sure I check these sites before answering, Identity Cloaker can usually help you get access if they have a server in the right country but I always like to check myself.

On a side note I should also mention, that remember Identity Cloaker is a security product, it's designed to encrypt and protect your connection when you're online. However encryption can slightly slow down your browsing, it's normally not noticeable but with video streaming like M6 replay it can have an impact - so always use the encryption off button when you're watching video online. So following on from my posts about watching Hulu, Pandora, BBC Iplayer, ITV and a few others here's the next installment as we move to a French proxy.

So can I Watch M6 Replay Outside France?

Now this site is actually very slick, the user interface is simple but impressive. It is run by M6 the second largest commercial broadcaster in France. Basically it's very similar set up to BBC Iplayer designed to allow viewers to catch up with their favorite M6 shows online. You seem to have about 14 days after a show has broadcast to view but after that it disappears from the site. But do you need a French Proxy to watch the station?

m6 replay video

Well I'm not exactly sure, but I think you do - here's me trying to access a show called Medium on the M6 Replay site.  Now normally I'd expect some sort of apology message about my location here, but all that seemed to happen was, well nothing, it just didn't work.  The screenshot is from IE 7 accessing M6 from the UK.

Time to Try a French Proxy

Something not quite right here, so I fired up Identity Cloaker and selected a French Proxy server.  Now currently there is only one French server in the Identity Cloaker proxy network, so it doesn't look like there's great demand there yet (there are loads of UK and US proxies).  Here's a screenshot from the Identity Cloaker main screen, remember to make sure you disable the encryption when watching video streaming.

I've highlighted the encryption setting, and you can see the French Proxy in the main screen.  It's pretty quick for me but  I would advice checking through the trial or speaking to Identity Cloaker directly before spending money on the full subscription.

Anyway I selected Le Proxy, and connected through that server.  (I have no idea if a proxy should be masculine or feminine - I just guessed!)

This is the simplest way to bypass the geo-restriction that these media sites use, so I was hoping this would work.   All my browsing now would be sent via a French Proxy server, so hopefully M6 Replay would allow me to watch the content now.

After connecting, you can see how most sites on the internet manipulate what you see depending on your location, because I appear to originate from France, I now get Google.FR displayed.

So remember if you do any searching when connected to a different proxy server you'll get results tailored to that location.

It can be quite interesting to see what results a Google search in the US , Sweden or France will reveal but if you're googling for a local plumber it can also be very annoying !

Anyway I digress, the mission was to access M6 Replay site so I reconnected to see if I had better luck masquerading as a Frenchman through my French proxy.

Well this time it just worked, I got no warning or messages, and after the advertisement at the beginning of the show - it just started streaming.  Performance was fine but remember I am in the UK so not so far away from the French Proxy servers, although I do have a very slow internet connection as well - I suggest testing with the trial first though - 10 day trial

Here's a video demonstration that's currently on YouTube.

The M6 Replay site was actually very impressive, it's very easy to use and some excellent shows on there.   I have been letting my kids watch some of the French kids TV shows on there to help with their languages.  I haven't used it extensively though yet so will update this post with my experiences and a video shortly.

Let me know if you need help accessing any channels though, I'm happy to test them on my Identity Cloaker subscription, they currently have a variety of proxy servers in Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Sweden in addition to the proxies in France.

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Welshgadgets said…
Just noticed that the first of the new French proxies back up on Identity Cloaker network. Only quick test so far but they seem very fast :)
The TimeHorse said…
Très bien! Aber, ich möchte Pro7! :)

All language kidding aside; I was trying to go to Pro7's play it again site to see if I could watch some German programming here in the Vereinigten Staaten (US) so I went to and clicked on a programme -- shamefully, it was Germanys Next Top Model; Episode 9, and tried to watch. On my Mac, which has no Identity Cloaker, I got the standard bad country message, but with Identity Cloaker, I couldn't get much of anything to display, even when using OpenVPN. Any thoughts?
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Timehorse.

Well after a quick look - Ond, hoffwn Pro7 hefyd!

I also thought you should be able to watch it in Unol Daleithiau using Identity Cloaker.

I had a quick check and it seems to be the plugin that's the problem. I tried in Chrome under Identity Cloaker proxy mode and the OpenVPn mode and the screen was just black but I didn't get the wrong coutnry message.

When I tried in IE8 in OPenVPN mode it worked first time, not tried Firefox yet. You can also disconnect the VPN when streaming starts and it seems to carry on.

At that point my wife caught me watching Heidi and I've had to discontinue my testing for now.

I'll check what results others are having.
Cantinho do .X said…

I'm French and i live in Portugal and I miss a LOT M6 :(
A few days ago I tried using M6 Replay and it didn't work so I used this website
(on the bottom of the page it explains how to do it in the different browsers) and IT WORKED!!!!
But since yesterday it stopped working so I tried with your suggestion and it still doesn't work :(
Welshgadgets said…
Hi Cantinho,

I've just checked and it seems that the M6 Replay player now blocks proxies.

But don't worry you just need to use the VPN mode in Identity Cloaker and it works fine as I've just tried it.

Just do the same as the video on this page.

And select a French server.