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Even More UK TV - Try Seesaw TV

If you don't want to be restricted on the internet purely based on what your IP address is then you need to surf anonymously. Otherwise every site you go to will log your IP address, and then decide what content you can see.

Take for instance my last little trip to France on business, I love going there - they know how to cook a steak properly and then there's the wine! But travelling alone can get boring and my French is not that good, so I like to watch TV on my laptop. But of course now I have a French IP address so I get blocked from all the UK websites like BBC Iplayer abroad. Until I discovered after years of messing with botched up free proxies that there was a much easier way.

Actually on this trip I discovered a great new UK TV channel on the internet - called Seesaw . It's in Beta at the moment but works really well, I read about it on a forum somewhere and I have to say I'm really impressed. There are whole series from BBC Iplayer, Channel 4, Channel 5 on Demand rather than just the latest episodes.

Of course there was no great surprise that whilst I was in France I got the usual annoying message - saying that I couldn't watch it !! So as always my security software which I use for surfing anonymously came to my rescue.

Our usual friend geotargeting was blocking me from accessing the content just because I'm outside the UK.
That is the program looked up the IP address I was using and so I started up Identity Cloaker and picked the fastest UK proxy server to connect to - seems to be the UK6 server for me a lot of the time when I'm in France.

As I'm just watching TV I don't need to secure my connection, so I've turned off the encryption mode whilst streaming video - which makes a difference to the speed.

Now when I try and connect to Seesaw, the IP address lookup will receive a UK address (the UK Proxy that I selected). It will then be happy and let me watch my programs in peace.

So I connect back, you usually have to restart your browser before you logon again and then navigate to the Seesaw site.

There's nothing else you need to do, the software manages your connection and obscures your true location.   It works the same way as connecting directly to most other media sites from outside the UK - ITV, Channel 4 and 5, even RTE the Irish station.

Seesaw TV Outside the UK

That was it, the site then works perfectly, I was able to watch loads of BBC Iplayer content on Seesaw, I particularly enjoyed some of the old Dr Who episodes.   It appears that the check for the IP address only happens at first connection, so after the videos start Identity Cloaker users can try disconnecting from the UK proxy and just watch it direct, as simple as watching ITV Player outside the UK

It plays in full screen and there are options for selecting High, medium or low resolutions depending on the speed on your network.

Lots of new stuff on as well as very old archive series, like some old episodes of Dr Who with Tom Baker.

Not sure what it will be like after it comes out of Beta, but the only thing that was a little annoying was having to watch a couple of adverts before it started.  Although they have to make income some way so I am not complaining! I'm not sure if I'd use it more than BBC Iplayer but it's a great place to find some older stuff you may have missed.

It's definitely worth a look - you can check out the site here Seesaw and if you want to test Identity Cloaker - to see how you can both protect your privacy online, mask your IP address and watch whatever you want online from anywhere in the world - try the 10 day trial here - Identity Cloaker trial you will be impressed I'm sure.

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