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Australian Internet Filter - More Censorship

I've written before about the Australian Internet filter, on this page - Australian Censorship of the Internet , and the many reasons why am I opposed to it. We're used to all the filtering and censorship from the countries with obvious political agendas such as Iran, Burma and China - but when it comes from a democracy with a so called moral directive it is slightly more worrying.

Anyway I was about to embark on a long rant about this, when I came across this Youtube video in one of my favorites. It's funny and covers all the important points, and it has much more validity than my rant would have as he will be directly affected by it.

I give you the Angry Australian ....sorry angryaussie.

Remember these things slowly have a habit of gaining legitimacy, can't you just imagine politicians in Europe citing the example of the success of the Australian Internet Filter! Of course it will be combined with a few vague statistics and possibly a commentary from some sort of expert they've wheeled in.

If you're Australian, well get over here asap -

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