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Stormy - Deep Web Publisher Scheduled for September Release

TOR the privacy tool has always been one of the easiest ways to access the Deep Web.  It's not very hard to set up, and pretty soon you can be browsing through some of the murkiest stuff to exist on the digital highways.  Couple of minutes install and you can be flicking through adverts for assassins, drugs, firearms and assorted illegal stuff.

However although it's simple enough to do, actually publishing anything and more importantly ensuring your anonymity whilst doing it - is a little trickier.  But before anyone get's a bit upset about this, please remember that although it's true there are a lot of lowlifes on the Deep Web, it's also used by thousands of activists and people with a genuine concern about their privacy and safety.

Remember you might be perfectly safe, to sit at your Wordpress blog and proceed to slate your government perfectly safely.  That however is not possible in many, many places in the world, this site is full of examples of people imprisoned, tortured and even killed for daring to speak out against their particular Government. One of the saddest tales I always think is of Uncle SMS - which you can find here, who died in custody for allegedly send 'insulting texts' about the Thai Royal family.

It's difficult sometimes to maintain your privacy and anonymity, but when your liberty and your life are involved then it becomes an important issue.  So many people do the need the safety of the Deep (or Dark) Web, and the demand has slowly grown for a simple way to publish content on the anonymous network.

The Developers of the Tor Project have almost completed a tool to do just this, it's called Stormy 1.0 and we're getting pretty close to it's release in September 2014.  It's basically a point and click program which will allow you to publish content directly to the deep web network easily.  Although of course it's perfectly possible to publish directly to the Deep web, there are quite a few steps and messing up any of them could seriously affect your privacy - here's the How To if you're interested.

It's likely to become the preferred method of publishing for people like activists, whistle blowers and bloggers who want to remain anonymous.  It's certainly going to open up this powerful anonymity tool to those people with a need for privacy but perhaps without the technical skills required to accomplish it.

No download link yet, but the release date is the 15th September, it might be bundled with the standard TOR or perhaps with other VPN software, for all we know.  One thing is for sure it is sure to be very welcome for many across the world who value their privacy.

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