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Hiding the Proxy/VPN Service

For those of us who take steps to maintain our privacy online, then using a VPN is pretty much essential nowadays.  For example every time you visit a web site, watch a video, download some music - it's all logged in a variety of places in particular at your ISP.  Now ok, you might think that there's no harm in select Government Agencies having access to your complete online record but stop and think about it for a minute.

I'm based in the UK and we probably have one of the more benevolent and democratic Governments in the world, however I certainly wouldn't trust them with details of my entire online life.  Imagine a situation where a recovering drug addict, someone with sexual or mental health issues - would their online activities have any record of this?  Of course they would, and now imagine that information made it's way to other departments - perhaps a recovering (but clean) drug addict applied for a Civil service role?  Of course, there's also the huge possibility of misinterpretation, does the 19 year old Middle Eastern scholars web history bear any resemblance to that of a terrorist?   Very probably.

So using a VPN makes a huge amount of sense for any individual who simply wants to maintain their privacy. However there is an issue with this method especially if you are using one from a corporate or academic network which heavily monitors internet access - it's evident that you are using a proxy/VPN service.

Although it's highly unlikely that anyone would :
  • Notice
  • Figure it out.
Technically it's perfectly possible to figure out that an individual is using a proxy or VPN service from looking at the server logs.  Although no one can see the sites you visit or any other web activity, there is one piece of evidence that does give you away - the single IP address.  Instead of making connections to thousands of different web servers, the logs of a VPN user would have only one IP ADDRESS recorded that of the VPN server itself.   If anyone searched the logs it would be possible to identify those who used a proxy or VPN, so the secret is to rotate that IP address routinely.

As you can see you can, you can set the program to rotate between remote proxies automatically depending on your preferences effectively routing your connection all across the world.   This would obscure the fact that you are using a secure connection from most investigation.

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