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Your Chance to Hack the Pentagon

If you're feeling bored and fancy a challenge which may test your hacking skills then you're possibly in luck.  The Pentagon has followed the lead of many security savvy companies who allow people to attack their networks in order to test their security.  The project is called , rather unimaginatively I thought, Hack the Pentagon.

Of course, for many hackers the first thought is -

However it does seem that they are quite serious and are keen to attract talented hackers to test their digital defenses.  There is talk of even some sort of monetary reward, although the kudos of legitimately bypassing the Pentagon defense's will be enough for most of us!

But before you rush off and blow your cash and buy VPN servers across the world, then there are a few caveats.   First of all you must be a US citizen, and I'm not sure Edward Snowden counts.   Next you must register your intent officially, this is starting to sound less fun I would imagine.  Then you'll have to undergo a background check to assess your suitability to be granted approval to take on the Pentagon's security systems without a 'little knock on the door' following quickly afterwards.

But all going well, then some people will be given the go ahead to attack the Pentagon and try and breach their security infrastructure.

We'll keep you posted on the rules and regulations as they are released but it's expected to be happening in April sometime.   It should be mentioned that only selected services will be included in the first phase  project, presumably excluding sensitive and highly critical systems.

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