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Watching BBC World News Streaming

There is one area where the internet reigns supreme and that's being able to keep up with news and current affair.  However to focus on the important events, most of us tend to focus on a particular provider - for me it's the BBC.    Ever since I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Kate Adie, one of the BBC's veteran war correspondents in the 1990s, I will always watch the BBC whenever possible.

The internet has of course completely changed the game even with traditional news media, many newspapers are online - some free and others by subscription.  Gone are the days where a UK traveller would have to spend a small fortune to buy a week old copy of the Daily Mirror in a hotel somewhere just to satiate their news fix.  However quality is still somewhat in short supply online and the BBC is still one of the forerunners even in the digital space.

How to Watch BBC World News Streaming

All of the BBC News programmes are available online, you can either watch a recording or live from the website with a couple of clicks and no account.   Unfortunately watching BBC News is a little more complicated depending on where you are because the facilities are only available when you're physically located in the UK, otherwise you'll not have access to any of the live TV functionality on their web site.

The reason you can't watch BBC world News streaming online is because for licensing reasons, the vast majority of the BBC's programmes are blocked outside the UK presumably to protect the value of the license fee.   When you visit the BBC TV website and click to watch the News for instance you'll just get a little warning that the BBC iPlayer only works in the UK

However there is a fix and here's how you can watch BBC news abroad and indeed any other UK TV station online from anywhere,
It uses a VPN connection, to hide your real location by routing through a UK based server. It's terribly simple to use, and for anyone who lives away from home a worthwhile investment to allow you to surf anonymously online. When you connect to the BBC News site with the VPN connection active it only sees the IP address of the UK server and allows instant access to watch BBC world news online.

Unfortunately simple proxies (which you could sometimes find for free online) don't work anymore as the BBC now actively checks for them and blocks their use. It does seem kind of sad that in a time when the internet is being so widely abused for spreading disinformation that one of the truly independent and reliable news sources is not available to the world.

I can understand why the BBC restricts access to it's popular shows and TV programmes in order to resell them, yet the BBC News at 10 is not really in that same category. Perhaps the BBC will one day extend the World news component from it's web site and allow anyone to watch from across the world like the World Service currently does on long wave radio.

So if you want to watch the BBC World News streaming and are not in the UK then try out the Identity Cloaker 10 Day trial and you can access all UK, US and European News stations online wherever you are.

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