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Now Even the BBC Block VPNs

So what's the problem with using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) why are they consistently being blocked by companies, organisations and even Governments.  Well the reasons vary slightly in each circumstance but basically it's because it enables the user to exercise control about their web activity.

A VPN firstly provides security, there's a reason that most international countries install VPN clients on their laptops.  Their employees might be quite happy trusting their credentials and passwords to the bloke who set up the Cafe Nero Wifi, yet understandably the company usually isn't.  A VPN is a secure, encrypted tunnel which allows an employee to connect back to their home document or email server without risking their details.

Other's have different reasons, the Chinese Government has spent a fortune trying to block people using VPNs to browse the web.  This is simply because they can't spy on what's going on within the encrypted tunnel and secondly it allows people to bypass any blocks and filters on undesirable sites (like social networks and unbiased news sources).   Are you getting the picture? A VPN provides control, security and privacy for us the humble user.

There is another reason that VPNs  are not possible and this is because it allows the user to hide their real location and therefore bypass region locking.   There's some information here as the BBC is the latest to enter the war against VPN users -

You see the It IT appears the BBC want only people who are actually in the United Kingdom to be able to watch the BBC online. VPNs allow people from across the world to access the services and they don't like that. The reason isn't some Brexit inspired selfishness, well not quite, it's about maximising revenue for the global rights to it's programmes. The BBC used to reach out to the world, although now it apparently only wants to do it through DVD sales.

So all over the web, the VPN is under fire as it's seen as the last barrier to the corporations and establishment completely controlling what we do online.  Fortunately it's actually surprisingly difficult to completely block all VPNs simply because there's no reliable method of detecting the more advanced ones like Identity Cloaker.  So hopefully we'll be safe for a while.....

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