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Smart DNS to Unlock Netflix

For anyone who travels a lot or perhaps has moved to live in another country then Geo Blocks are a real issue.   I'm talking about those annoying messages you're likely to  get when you try and access something on YouTube or perhaps watch a programme on the BBC iPlayer site.  It will be something like - 'sorry this is not available in your country' as you click the play button.

You can get these messages on just about every decent media website on the internet, depending on where you happen to be.   For example you can't access the BBC, ITV or Channel 4 from outside the UK.  The same thing happens to the best US media sites when you're outside the USA.   If you travel around these blocks will change except if you're somewhere a little obscure or exotic when you'll probably be blocked from everything,

There is a solution of course, and it's one literally millions of expats across the world have been using for many years.  It involves hiding your real location in order to watch whatever you want want.  It's why you'll find thousands of  British expats happily watching the news on their laptop or US citizens enjoying NBC when travelling abroad.  The solution though has several distinct methods although most of them accomplish the same aim - to hide where you are.  Here we'll look at a popular one called Smart DNS in order to watch the US version of Netflix.

Using Smart DNS to Unlock Netflix

Now for the last couple of years Netflix has been available in most countries in the world.  Gone are the days when you'd visit somewhere and find your account simply stopped working. The media site is now available in over 190 different countries, so it's unlikely you'll ever be completely blocked.

However there is still a huge issue in that all these versions of Netflix are not the same.  In fact depending on where you are the films and shows you can access on Netflix vary greatly.  The best by far is the US version followed probably by the Canadian one.   These versions of Netflix have loads more movies and TV programmes plus they have much more up to date content.  For example you'll find a movie will appear on US version of Netflix and never be released on the other versions.  Also you'll find full versions of popular box sets on the US version of Netflix and cut down release in other locations.

When you see the US version of Netflix you'll appreciate why people go to so much effort to watch it.  Here's one of the methods they use in this video  

It's actually very easy to use, all you do is to change your DNS servers to use Smart DNS.  Then whenever you visit one of these geo-restricted sites like Netflix it redirects your connection through an intermediate server in the correct country. This makes it look like you're in the right country and hence the website will work perfectly.

Using Smart DNS to Unlock Netflix doesn't work like a VPN which routes your entire connection through an intermediate server.  In fact it only does enough to hide your location, the rest of the stream comes directly to your computer.

There's another huge advantage to using Smart DNS too.  So because it doesn't require any software, you can effectively enable it on any device you like.  For example simply access the network settings on Smart phones, TVs, Games consoles and tablets and you can stream US Netflix to any of these.  A VPN is more difficult to set up and almost impossible to do so on devices like TVs and consoles.

The drawback is that there are very few of these solutions which actually work with Netflix anymore as they've instigated some pretty high tech blocks.  Fortunately there are a couple of solutions which still work - Identity Cloaker is one of the few VPN services that still work and below you'll find the only reliable Smart DNS service which works with Netflix.

Which you use depends really on your requirements, you'll get no security if you use Smart DNS remember.  The programs like Identity Cloaker are more adaptable and you can use them for lots of different purposes.  For example you can configure the VPN client to switch between rotating and residential proxies automatically, which is really useful for many online tasks.  For just watching TV though these features don't really help much.

Here's a free trial but you should be warned that the Netflix functionality is not enabled in the trial version simply because it's so expensive to set up and to prevent abuse.  All the rest works though so you can use it to stream the BBC or an American channel to test it out first.

Free Trial of Smart DNS Proxy

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