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Reasons Why You Might Want to Buy Rotating Proxies

Like anything in life, there's an ideal and there's a few practical alternatives. When you're looking to purchase proxy servers it's certainly the case.  Whether for an internet venture, doing some research, accessing geo-blocked content or simply trying to maintain some semblance of privacy - nowadays there are a myriad of proxy options.

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Proxies do Give you Privacy
First of all, it's important to rule out using free proxies.  They were risky to use a few years ago but now it's madness.  Sure you can find a load of web sites which will produce you a list of free 'Elite Proxies' however this is definitely not the case.  Just think logically - why would someone install a server, and pay crippling bandwidth costs just so you could hide your IP address online?  There's actually no logical reason, and all these free proxies are simply accidentally or misconfigured servers .   So what you think! I'm just taking advantage of some sap who couldn't set his firewall rules properly.  Well you will and so will loads of others including probably myriad of identity thieves or hackers trying to steal your credentials.

Remember, taking owner ship of a proxy server is an incredibly easy way to grab passwords, email accounts and logon credentials without the proxy user having a clue.  Don't use free proxies unless you know who runs it and why!  Anyway rant over, use them if you must but don't say you haven't been warned.

So for many proxy users, the problem is that one is simply not enough. Or more specifically one IP address is not enough.  For privacy issues, your connection will look pretty suspect if absolutely all traffic is routed through a single address.   Yet for many people one IP address means an additional digital identity and it's simply now here near enough.

Buy Rotating Proxies and Save Money

Basically the more IP addresses you have at your disposable the more options you have.  Whether it's simple privacy, or using them for various online activities. Many people use tools for internet research and marketing yet lots of online sites restrict access based on IP address.  You can't for example make multiple queries to most search engines quickly without getting your address blocked.

People who buy multiple items from online e-commerce sites to resell after will often get blocked unless they have multiple addresses too.  Yet having lots of private, reserved and dedicated IP addresses available just for you is extremely expensive and in many instances not actually necessary.   Most tools need different addresses, it doesn't matter that what they are just that the same requests don't come for that address in too short a time.

What we have now is a new concept, which you can read about here.   Instead of a proxy server having a few IP addresses assigned to it's network cards which are used by anyone who uses it, there's a different option.  Rotating or backconnect proxies actually connect to a huge pool of IP addresses and rotate each request randomly through a different one.   You simply configure your browser or software to use the single proxy address and it will automatically route your connection through one of the 'pool addresses' automatically.

This significantly reduces the prices of these addresses as they no longer have to be reserved for a specific few users.  Indeed the proxy can ensure that the addresses are not used concurrently by anyone while allowing access to many more people.  This means that you can potentially have access to thousands of IP addresses for a similar price to people used to pay for a handful.

What's more this technology has other benefits too, which might not be so obvious as price.  One of the problems with accessing some resources nowadays is that commercial IP addresses are often restricted. These are the addresses which are commonly assigned to servers in datacentres and normal websites. Basically these addresses are easy to acquire and don't cost much but they are being increasingly filtered.
E-commerce and media sites are starting to only allow access from 'residential' addresses which are usually assigned by an ISP to your home connection.

You can get hold of residential IP addresses but it's not easy and they're consequently much more expensive. Using them with Backconnect or rotating proxy configuration means many more people can get access to these addresses.  Indeed for many people, those buying tickets, sneakers or using lots of other merchandise related sites - residential IP addresses are the only ones that work.

Basically having the ability to buy rotating proxies means that you can effectively gain access to large pools of addresses with a much lower budget.  Previously you literally had to spend thousands to get access to large pools of IP addresses and residential ones where even more expensive.  Now the decent proxy providers can supply them at a much lower cost and can also effectively manage these resources.

There are a few providers who offer both commercial and residential rotating proxy plans.  In our experience the provider below has found to be the best value provider in this area.

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