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Anonymous Web Surf

It's not exactly easy nowadays to stay anonymous when you surf the web. There are many issues and problems but perhaps the most obvious is the fact that we still rely on HTTP to surf the internet. This is fine but the Hyper Text Transport Protocol although fast and efficient has absolutely no form of security. It is a clear text protocol and that means that every web site you visit and every piece of information you exchange using HTTP is instantly readable.

Anonymous Web Surf for Real

So where is it readable you may ask? Well that depends where you are surfing from, but even if it's from the comfort of your own home, your browsing is easily accessible. The most complete log of your browsing and the reason any sort of anonymity is difficult is in your ISP logs. Here alas is a log of absolutely everything you do online, every file you download, every graphic you view and every web site you visit. This is where the Governments, agencies and big hacker gangs go when they want information, why mess around on individual servers when you can get it all in clear text in one place.

How can I keep my Logs private?

Beyond owning your own ISP there is only one way you can keep these logs private and anonymous web surf. The trick is to make sure that these logs are encrypted, that way nobody can ever read them not even the government if you use a strong enough cipher - truly anonymous surfing.

Here's how one high security program protects your browsing works.

anonymous web surfing

The encrypted SSH Tunnel means your entire browsing experience is encrypted, and so are your ISP logs. To protect your identity from the web sites you visit a huge range of private, fast, super secure proxies are available. Connect to whatever one you need or switch automatically for the ultimate security.

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