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Using Proxies to Maintain Your Internet Privacy

internet privacy
Did you know that when you are surfing the web your activities are recorded by many different sources? There is no Internet Privacy by default. And we’re not talking viruses, spyware or any of the malicious programs which can harm your computer, but information recorded by each website you visit and also ‘snoopers’ that watch your every move.

To ensure that you do have some privacy when surfing online, you can utilise the services of a proxy which grants anonymity for it’s users by masking your information while you browse.

There are different kinds of proxies available, those that are free and those that are paid. Free proxies can get the job done, although are not considered to be as safe as paid proxies as generally they don’t encrypt your information, meaning that someone with a little technical knowledge can still find out who you are.

Encrypt for Real Internet Privacy

The process of encryption involves the proxy taking your information and converting it into a code using dynamic algorithms which continually change to ensure that snoopers cannot hack into your information. Although this is quite a technical process, it’s something which is done automatically by the proxy and so you don’t have to worry about it, other than knowing that your internet privacy is being maintained while you safely surf the web.

The use of proxies has been growing in popularity, along with the rise of steaming media on the internet. One of the major bonuses of using a proxy is that you can gain access to steaming media which may not be available in your geographic region. For example, if you wished to take advantage of ABC television in the USA streaming it’s programming online, you would have to have an IP address with a US origin, so therefore, if you are in the UK, you are unable to utilize this service. However, by using a US-based proxy and accessing this content from there you are masking your own details and only providing that of the proxy, meaning that the site sees you as originating in the US.

One thing that should be noted when you are using a proxy service is that you still need to ensure that your computer is properly protected with a good anti-virus package. Just because you are surfing anonymously doesn’t mean that your are protected from malicious software, there's many aspects to internet privacy.

One of the major bonuses of making use of a proxy server is being able to access websites from which you are blocked or banned. Sometimes this can be due to geographic region, or a site owner may have banned your IP for bad behaviour. Whatever the case, a proxy will hide your information so that you can regain access and view the information you wanted to see.

Rather than being sinister, ‘black hat’ tools which many make them out to be, proxies are a great tool to use as they enforce freedom of surfing and support the way the internet is meant to be. They eliminate censorship and let you get back to doing what you want to do – surf the web and gain access to everything you want, while protecting your identity and internet privacy from onlookers.

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