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Buy UK Proxy IP Address

So you may have heard that to bypass all these region locks that you simply need to use a proxy, right? To be able to watch Match of the Day on your laptop whilst relaxing on a Greek Island, you just need to buy UK IP address to hide your location?   Well that used to be the case but it's a little out of date.

The use of these regional restrictions is growing everyday and unfortunately the companies are enforcing them even more aggressively.   A couple of years ago, you could simply search online for a free UK proxy to hide your real IP address and watch sites like the BBC from anywhere.  Sure they were often a little slow, but any of these servers would do to stream the BBC and there were plenty to choose from.  Nowadays you'll see lots more adverts for dedicated private proxies, ghost or squid proxy networks.

Unfortunately the day of the proxies have now gone as the BBC like all the other media companies now block the use of proxy servers which hide your IP by default.  If you connect to any large media site and try and use a proxy even if it's in the United Kingdom, then you'll get some sort of message like the following -

Buy UK Proxy IP Address

This one is from Netflix, but as you can see the site detects the use of proxies and simply won't work any more.  The BBC was the last company to implement this particular detection, so there's literally no point anymore in going to buy UK proxy IP address for watching TV online.

So if proxies are dead, how are people able to bypass these region blocks?  The reality is now you need to use something like a VPN which can't be directly detected.  These work in a similar way except that they are virtually impossible to detect automatically.  So for example, instead of using a UK proxy server you would instead connect through a UK based VPN before accessing the site you needed.

Although the sites cannot detect the VPN easily they do proactively try and spot them, mainly by identifying specific IP address ranges which are supporting lots of connections. This actually takes a lot of resources though because these addresses can be switched very easily.

How to Buy UK Proxy

Here's one that still works -

It's important to try out these VPN services before you subscribe for a long time. Many of them have been blocked by the larger media companies and are no more use than a proxy. The BBC has blocked thousands of servers used by some of the VPN services so it's important to validate first.

Unfortunately the demise of the proxies mean that there are very few free options left anymore.  You can certainly have a try with TOR, which can provide some security through routing through other users computers.  It's pretty frustrating for streaming video though because of the low speed and it's a bit fiddly to configure the 'exit nodes' to ensure you have a UK IP address.

Remember these services are fine for providing privacy and bypassing geoblocks  but they are not dedicated proxies.  If you want to buy private proxies for your exclusive use then there are specialist firms who run these networks, be warned they're much more expensive though, particularly residential proxies.

My personal recommendation is for Identity Cloaker, it's reasonably priced, fast and well supported.  It will allow you to watch all UK based media sites and lots of  others in the USA, Canada and different countries.

You can try the 10 day trial out here and see how well it works.

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